Linguini Cacciucco

Sautéed seafood when it is prepared correctly is unbeatable! One of my favorites is Linguini Cacciucco (Ka-Chuke-Co)

Minimal amount of olive oil in 10″ sauté pan

Lightly flour 3 16/20 shrimp and 3 large sea scallops and Stax Seasoning

Do not cook them off all the way, just brown on both sides

Drain the excess oil off with shrimp and scallops in a china cap in a colander; let them stand

Take the same frying pan that has the flavor of your seafood already in it

Place it back on the burner and add in the pan chopped Shallots Garlic that have been submerged in olive oil and sauté until flavor is released

Use Sauterne of Chablis wine with the sauté pan; hot burn off the alcohol in wine

Add 4 small cherrystone clams and five mussels along with fresh leaf basil and chopped green onions

Sauté with a splash of fresh lemon

Sauté clams and mussels in pan and bring your shrimp and scallops

Add fresh butter to make your sauce thicken

Finish with heavy cream and add linguini (be sure linguini was boiled al-dente, shocked in hot water before adding to pan)

Garnish with Asiago cheese and Italian parsley