Take Steaks out of cooler 30 minutes before preparation

Shake a generous amount of Stax All Purpose Seasoning on both sides of Steak

Rub your steaks generously with Olive Oil.

Put on HOT charcoal or gas grill getting a good sear.

Add cold chips of butter to top of steak just before turning

Add cold chips of butter to bottom of steak just before taking off grill.

Let rest for 5 minutes – then enjoy a delicious steak!

*Note: Steaks come in several grades. USDA Prime, Top Choice (IE: Certified Angus Beef – It must say certified) and Choice. It may cost more to buy (center cut) New York Strips so you won’t have a vein going thru the steak causing a tough chew. Anytime you buy a bone-in steak you are going to have more flavor.